Kaz Araishi


Kazuyoshi “Kaz” Araishi
Senior Partner
TEL: +81 (0)50-5806-9055
Email: info@leverage-apac.com


Kaz joined Leverage in 2015 after gaining 25 years of international business experience including 18 years as head of Finance at Japanese subsidiaries of Air Products, Corning, and Coherent.

He started his career at Obayashi Corporation, one of top 20 contractors in the world, and has various assignments in Tokyo, Shanghai, Washington D.C. and New York City, before joining Leverage to focus on outplacement, executive search and our finance & accounting services.

Among various skills for a Finance executive, he is especially good at risk management, cost reduction, budget planning, business negotiations and hire / develop / outplace his staff.

In addition to Finance / Accounting, he also has experience at legal issues, M&A negotiations, and customer satisfaction surveys.

He has a BA in Economics from Keio University and an MBA from The George Washington University. Having worked at U.S. capitalized companies and living in the States, Kaz is bilingual and bicultural.